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Copyright Policy

This document set outs the Copyright Policy of Propresult. The document highlights what your rights are, how you can protect your copyrighted works and how to ensure that your copyrighted works are safeguarded when posted on Propresult. The document also sets out how you can prevent misuse of copyrighted works of others and how you can contact Propresult to complain regarding copyright infringement.

Copyright is a recognised legal right which protects your original works including Propresult own work and design, be it audio works, visual works or written works. Copyright vests in you as soon as you create an original work. When you rate or post on Propresult, you may post either singly or a combination of videos, photos, paintings, movies, songs, sound recordings, books, articles, stories, poems, etc, which either may be your original work or original works of others. Propresult gives immense importance to intellectual property rights especially copyrights as it is a platform to express yourself, which invariably will include creation and sharing of original work. Propresult is dedicated to protect your own copyrighted works and such works of others.

As a copyright owner, you are offered certain legal rights including the right to protect your original work. This protection includes the right to stop others from copying or disseminating your work, or using your work to create their own work or using/misusing your own work for their benefit/commercial exploitation.

While your original works are protected and Propresult will ensure to extend such cooperation/assistance as necessary to enforce such protection, it is equally important that you understand, acknowledge and respect the original works of others. While you may use the content of others within the four corners of the doctrine of fair use, but it must be noted that you cannot claim ownership of and/or derive any financial benefit from the copyright content of others. You can however use the content of others by giving them due credit and acknowledgment.

If your content or post is being misused and/or infringed, you may contact us at and we shall forthwith take down such infringing or disparaging content/post. We will send a notification to such infringing user setting out in detail the nature of your complaint and the course of action. We may provide an opportunity to the infringing user to provide an explanation to your complaint. If you are satisfied with the explanation or the via media as suggested by the infringing user, we will upon your instructions restore such content/post. If you are not satisfied with the said explanation, the infringing content/post shall continue to be blocked and removed. The same process shall follow if we receive a similar complaint as regards any content or post posted by you.

Lastly, the copyright, be it in the content, the algorithm or otherwise of Propresult shall at all times vest with Propresult. You shall have no right, title or interest in such intellectual property or proprietary rights of Propresult. This document shall in no manner be construed as a license or assignment in your favour of any intellectual property or proprietary rights of Propresult. You however hereby grant license to Propresult to use your content or post for any promotional, marketing or business development activity.

Last updated: 1st April 2020