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About Us

Welcome to PropResult!

PropResult is a disruptive real-estate ratings & reviews platform that makes it possible for a customer to rate a project | builder on a set of questionnaire & summarizing them into important parameters resulting in presenting genuine rating & score for a builder and project.
PropResult was started because all of us believed that we had to rely on word of mouth largely coming from Property Dealers & Friends | Family. As buyers, we ends up in getting mix of opinion from people operating in an unorganized market & advice from friends were just to follow “foot step theory”. The only reason we are dependent on market forces because there was a huge information asymmetry in the market. PropResult is a platform that removes this information asymmetry and provides a marketplace for free & smooth flow & exchange of this information that at times used to become a “Life Time Regret” by taking a wrong decision.
We have done 2 things to help you find that perfect home:

  • Firstly, we have painstakingly verified that each rating given is genuine & there is no room for anyone maligning a builder project or indulging in any malicious activities. We use lot of heuristics and techniques to ensure that you get a totally true and genuine rating platform. Thus the ratings given by actual users are as per their personal experiences and opinion given by us is based on real-time analytics arising out of in-depth market research on builder projects performance.
  • Secondly, we have also tried to ensure that high decibel of information is available to you in as easy to use format. This ensures that you get a very good idea of the property even before you visit it. Thus, you can shortlist property sitting at the comfort of your home without actually traveling all the good and bad properties. This saves your time and effort and with a quick shortlist of 4-5 properties you can actually get a house in few days!

And buyers, happy hunting and get in touch with us to let us know how else we can help!

Additional Services

PropResult provides you a one-stop shop for all property related work, relating to buying a property, providing real-time analytics, negotiation with builders, getting you the best inventory, regular updates of your property, referral benefits & Loyalty programs.
We have a network of real-estate trusted champions supervised by PropResult Top Management who will assist you in completing a hassle-free transaction at the cost of a small service fee. This service can be availed both by buyer & seller by dropping us a note at:
The first point of contact will always be PropResult Management.

Why PropResult

Buying a home can be a stressful experience filled with uncertainty and mixed emotions. All Agents & Builders show rosy picture, but at times 

  • Builder Defaults  
  • Late Possessions
  • Bad Construction Quality  
  • No Appreciation & Loss
  • Lack of Amenities

Are few major problems faced by customers who can eat away your lifetime savings?
Investing in property is one of the most important life decisions you’ll ever make. So need someone who knows the property market inside out?
Do you wish there was someone on your side who could take all the strains of buying, away from you??
We are here to present a one roof solution to solve all of these issues

  • PROPERTYEYEOPENER.COM - Take Informed Decisions (Read on - ground real estate insights & speak to the expert for your HARD EARNED MONEY). Get Real Time Analytics Report with unbiased insights & genuine price appreciation forecasting.
  • PROPRESULT.COM - Know your Builder (See what the actual buyers have to say about their builders and projects). Check ratings of actual buyers before you buy. Seek Expert Advice & lot more. Get Managed Property Services at PropResult encompassing all facets of Real Estate Services.

So no needs to hang around, for all your property requirements get in touch now at +91-9105055555. Email:

The Team

PropResult Team

PropResult has been founded by a Management Graduate from Jamia Millia Islamia University. The entire motivation to search something like PropResult was that all of us while searching for properties had this bad experience with brokers & our own “lack of subject matter knowledge” which resulted in taking at times disaster decisions turning into life time regret.
When we started doing dipstick & started speaking to more people, this problem was an endemic. Everyone faced that and no one was trying to solve it. All real estate portals were trying to showcase listings by dealers and busy in promoting builders project irrespective of their credibility & not solving the inherent information asymmetry.
It’s a common saying, better late than never. So, here we have made a solution for everyone who struggles in getting true and genuine information about builders & for the information asymmetry that exists.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make information flow from actual users i.e. residents, buyers & sellers and also information dissemination from our side based on real-time analytics & years of in-depth market research.
We want & strive for excellence in becoming the preferred choice for customers to come on for real estate requirements.
We value the Hard Earned money of people and want your Life Time Savings to be used for the Right Property you wish to have.

Blog - Take Informed Decisions (Read on - ground real estate insights & speak to the expert for your HARD EARNED MONEY). Get Real Time Analytics with crystal clear & unbiased insights & price appreciation forecasting. is an initiative to give users a different experience of real estate market. The blogs are based on actual pain points which a customer faces while buying and post buying a property. The objective is to make common man aware of the property market for taking informed decisions.

Contact Us

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